Tonya [Imani Hakim] is the younger sister of Chris & Drew, and the youngest child & only daughter of Julius and Rochelle. Tonya can be a troublemaker, always trying to her older brothers [especially Chris] in trouble and usually tattles on them all the time.

Since she's the only girl, Tonya is always able to get whatever she wants from Julius. She was a fan of Billy Ocean and later, Danny Glover. She usually says, "Oooh..I'm telling" when she busts her brothers. In the 4th season, Tonya worked at the beauty salon with Rochelle, but got fired for speaking her mind too much, offending the other customers. She took ballet during the 3rd season and Drew was her dance partner in her "Swan Lake" recital. Drew even taught Tonya how to do the "moonwalk" [who thinks Michael Jackson stole it from Billy Ocean]. By the end of the 4th season, Tonya graduated from Dolomite Elementary School.