Rochelle [Tichina Arnold] is the mother of Chris, Drew, & Tonya, and the wife of Julius.

She is intimidating, sassy, and not afraid to whip out punishment for her kids when they misbehave. Even though Rochelle sometimes overreacts and scolds, she can be mild-mannered, affectionate, and lenient. Rochelle cares too much about what people think about her and can sometimes be a "ghetto snob." She also threatens to smack the anything out of her kids [example: "I'm gonna smack the black off you"].

Rochelle has had various jobs, but usually quits them by saying, "I don't need this. My man has two jobs!" Around the 4th season, Rochelle is seen working at the local beauty salon. Her favorite treat is chocolate Turtles and she recommends Robitussin for any ailment. When Rochelle thinks Julius is acting suspicious, she thinks he's cheating on her with a white woman. Rochelle hates gambling and when Tonya or Drew do something wrong, she'll blame Chris. She also learned how to play "three-card monte" from her father.

Rochelle's father, Gene died of a heart attack at the dinner table in the first season. Her mother, Maxine can sometimes be pushy and critical, and is even more of a "ghetto snob" than Rochelle is. Maxine is also great at math, teaching Rochelle everything she knows about math, and helping Chris out when he was struggling in math. Rochelle has an older brother named Mike, who's lazy, freeloading, unemployed, obnoxious, and still lives with his mother. She has a younger sister named Charlotte, [also known as "Grievy"] who cries about everything. Rochelle has an aunt named Mousey, who speaks slightly, and talks less.