Everybody Hates Sausage

Original Airdate: October 13, 2005

Episode #4



Rumors spread around Corleone about the fight between Chris and Caruso. Things escalate when Caruso throws a "D" battery at Chris. When Chris retaliates, he breaks a window and ends up with 3 days detention. After Julius brings home a big crate of sausage, Tonya refuses to eat it. Meanwhile, Drew gets inspired to do karate after watching a kung-fu film.


Main Cast

Terry Crews: Julius

Tichina Arnold: Rochelle

Tequan Richmond: Drew

Imani Hakim: Tonya

Vincent Martella: Greg Wuliger

Tyler James Williams: Chris

Chris Rock: The Narrator (himself)

Also Starring

Jude Ciccolella: Dr. Raymond

Travis T. Flory: Joey Caruso

James Keane: Boss

Lynda Scarlino: Monitor

Brittney Whitaker: Tough Girl

Charles Emmitt: Old School Principal

Susan Gallagher: Patron

Benjamin Bryan: Kid

Jasmine Di Angelo: Kid #2

Ryan Heinke: Kid #3

Tylor Chase: Kid #4

Moises Arias: Kid #5