Everybody Hates Food Stamps

Original Airdate: November 17, 2005

Episode #9



Julius finds $200 worth of food stamps, but Rochelle is embarrassed to use them. When a friend of her spots her at the grocery store, Rochelle ends up using into the family's spending money instead. Meanwhile, Chris and Greg partner up on a science project, but they end up having a big argument when they can't decide on what project to do.


Main Cast

Terry Crews: Julius

Tichina Arnold: Rochelle

Tequan Richmond: Drew

Imani Hakim: Tonya

Vincent Martella: Greg Wuliger

Tyler James Williams: Chris

Chris Rock: Narrator (himself)

Also Starring

Joseph Buttler: Doctor

Jennifer Der: Asian Kid

Mike Estime: Risky

Travis T. Flory: Caruso

Dierdre Holder: Another Black Woman

Tayler Linch: Nerd

Michael Merton: Mr. Russo

Betty Okino: Cashier

Kyra Lin Oser: Welfare Recipient

Damontre Owens: Football Player

Christopher Pressley: 9-year-old Julius

Mario Quinonez Jr: Puerto Rican Kid

Chelsea Renee: Fight Kid

Keesha Sharp: Sheila Ridenhour

Tasia Sherel: Pam

Vivian Smallwood: Older Black Woman