Everybody Hates Fat Mike

Original Airdate: October 20, 2005

Episode #5



Despite his parents' warnings, Chris lends his bike to a neighborhood kid, Fat Mike (who Chris befriends) who ends up disappearing with it; While Julius is on strike, he proves to be a better housekeeper than Rochelle which makes her very angry.


Main Cast

Terry Crews: Julius

Tichina Arnold: Rochelle

Tequan Richmond: Drew

Imani Hakim: Tonya

Vincent Martella: Greg Wuliger [credited, but doesn't appear in this episode]

Tyler James Williams: Chris

Chris Rock: The Narrator (himself)

Also Starring

Michael Brownlee: Newscaster #1

Johnny Erasme: Thug #1

Hilary Hacker: Interviewer

Kiyoko M. Hairston: Woman with Rollers

Melvin Jackson Jr. : Thug #3

Kevontay Jackson: Jerome

Jill Kirsh: Angry Woman

Billy Mayo: Mr. Jenkins

Bobby McGee: Neighbor #1

Myzel Robinson: Fat Mike

Shay Roundtree: Thug #4

Kem Saunders: Neighbor #2

Richard Sellers: White Mike

Owen Smith: Masked Gunman

George Weiss Vando: Man in Drag

Ali LeRoi: Warning Announcer Voice [uncredited]