Everybody Hates Christmas

Original Airdate: December 15, 2005

Episode #11



After the water heater breaks, Julius and Rochelle break it to Chris that they can't afford to get him the Walkman cassette player he wanted for Christmas. At school, Chris' teacher makes repeated efforts to deliver the school's food drive to Chris' family. Meanwhile, when Drew tells Tonya that Santa Claus isn't real, she starts to wonder about other things her parents told her.


Main Cast

Terry Crews: Julius

Tichina Arnold: Rochelle

Tequan Richmond: Drew

Imani Hakim: Tonya

Vincent Martella: Greg Wuliger

Tyler James Williams: Chris

Chris Rock: Narrator (himself)

Also Starring

Zylan Brooks: Upset Woman

Travis T. Flory: Caruso

Gil Glascow: Singing Man

Zee James: 30-year-old Tonya

Julie Lancaster: Herself (Segment Reporter)

Drew Matthews: Little Boy

Jacqueline Mazarella: Ms. Morello