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Joey Caruso [Travis T. Flory] is the school bully at Corleone Junior High and later Tattaglia High School. He is racist and usually picks on Chris because he's black and calls him by a different nickname such as "Satchmo," "Cornbread," and "Kareem." He also picks on Greg Wuliger too [even when Chris is not around]. In the 3rd season, Caruso got beat up a kid, Bernard Yao [whom he used to bully] and stopped being the school bully, but when the school was in disarray, Chris encouraged Caruso to fight Yao again, which Caruso did and went back to being the bully.

In the series finale, it is revealed that Caruso admires Chris and the reason he picked on Chris was because he was jealous of Chris' determination and achievement, and had crushed Chris' spirit only so he wouldn't feel inferior.

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January 22 1968